Dental 2nd opinion

Hello guys this is Dr Vasanth ,MDS in oral and maxillofacial surgery.for a long time I was wondering about blogging about something or anything.But unfortunately I had spent almost all my time with books ,books and only books. Later I got an idea that knowledge learned is useless unless shared . So yeah that’s why I’m going to be writing here.The problem started when I decided to buy OTG (oven toaster grill) for my wife. For those who are hearing the word for the first time don’t be embarrassed, because I heard it only 2 days back and I really mistook it as OTG cable. So when I started researching about it I came across various blogs and sites . Not even one place gave me a clear and honest opinion about the brands and pros and cons. I came across a popular blog where the review was such that I thought I had come inside one of the OTG brands’ pages.So that’s where this idea came from.


                                                                                  The medical field is itself is very confusing with numerous treatment strategies and options that it is impossible for the layman to even understand the treatment procedures. Dentistry is even more difficult because it combines medicine with art .  In short what I wanted to accomplish is to help people understand various types of problems and take out the various myths surrounding the field. Being a surgeon I have been asked by people so many technically sound questions via google . The other pages and sites confuse people so much that they make them scared and I have to give them a talk like conselling and calm them. According to theory there can be hundreds of complications but not everything can or will I thought using the limited experience I have ,having studied my batchelors and masters from govt dental college, We would like to calm any fears and give opinion regarding dental treatment in lay man terms.I have a good team over herewith a prosthodontist(tooth replacement specialist ),periodontist (gum specialist), oral radiologist(radiographs specialist ), endodontist(one who does RCT) and myself the surgeon. 


                                                                         So I would like to start writing more posts about the usual problems encountered by the people and different treatment options available for the patient without bias or preference for any particular treatment option.i would also like to share my thoughts and experiences in this page . Pls feel free to respond with a comment as only your appreciation and even depreciation will make me work more.This is just a honest way to help people via the only thing I’m good at.please excuse my mistakes for this is my first try here.Thanks in advance .hopefully I write more.!!!!!